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The mission of the PTO is to establish closer relationships between parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the Board of Trustees.

-       Foster effective lines of communication

-       Educate parents regarding the philosophy, goals and operations of UHA

-       Promote a safe family environment within the school setting

-       Set a foundation for parent participation in support of the school



HERE’S WHY???????


In the fall of 2009, the PTO was brought back to life at UHA.  Over the last 6 years, through fundraising efforts, your PTO has purchased and/or provided the following materials/events for your students and faculty:

-       “The Classroom Fund” that now follows your student as they grow in the classroom through their senior year.  Which means, any funds left in your child’s classroom fund will roll into the next school year for your student.  This will ensure funds follow your child’s class and bridges the gap for when classroom needs / demands are asked.

-       LAPTOP CART – with the help of the annual fund in 2011, we were able to purchase a laptop cart that holds 24 laptops and a printer – future fundraising efforts aide in maintaining and upgrading the laptops.

-       LAPTOP CART UPGRADES – In 2014 we were able to purchase solid state drives for the  laptop cart.   These massively increase performance thereby decreasing the amount of class time spent on preparation (log-in, loading, etc), and let the teacher’s focus on education.

-       Rachel’s Challenge, partnered with other sponsors to present the anti-bullying program into our school “Friends of Rachel”

-       Smart boards for classrooms in need

-       Buzzer systems for the academic team

-       Elmo Bluetooth projector

-       Tools for the math and science labs

-       Reading program for middle school GVC Literature “The Young Adult Library”

-       Contribute $500 each year to annual fund

-       Back to school goodie bags for all faculty, teacher appreciation gifts & luncheon

-       Co-sponsor the schools drama program in spring

-       Donate gift cards to prom and project graduation

-       Sponsored the books for students at “Family Reading Night”

-       Start a beautification program for our school – purchased new frames to display the graduating class pictures in the main entry hall & Mr & Miss Blazer frames; purchased new park benches for outside & some additional landscaping; project on the side of the gym & in front of the music building

-       Sponsor the annual lower school “Toys for Tots” during the holidays

-       Sponsor “Muffins with Mom” and “Donuts with Dad”

-        Sponsored the awards for our Lower School AR program, awarded $250 in prize money to our young readers

-         3 graphing calculators for the upper school math department

-         5 colorimeter sensors for uppers school science department

-         Cannon camera kit/bundle for the yearbook class

-         4 Google Chromebooks plus software fee for 5th grade classrooms

-         12 collegiate dictionaries for English department

-         Sponsor Fun-Run t-shirts for Oktoberfest

-         3 heavy duty 8 foot picnic tables for multi-function use



 Useful forms:

UHA PTO Membership Application

UHA Deposit Form

UHA Fundraiser Approval Form

UHA PTO Pizza Lunch Schedule 2015-16

UHA PTO teachers luncheon 2015-16

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